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Living Southern Blues!!!

We've got the real thing: true greats that have been influencing the sound of blues for decades. These vets can rock large festival stages and intimate nightclubs. They bring with them the scorching, authentic heat of LIVING SOUTHERN BLUES!

Considered by many to be one of the most innovative harp players of all time, McCain classics have been covered by young heavy-hitters Rod Piazza, William Clarke, Kim Wilson, Gary Primach, and others. His 1959 tour-de-force "SHE'S TOUGH" was The Fabulous Thunderbird's first hit. Throughout his career he has appeared on the most important labels in blues: Trumpet, Excello, Jewel, Okeh and Alligator. LIVING BLUES featured him as their Feb. '94 cover story. McCain is simply one of the most historic blues figures and greatest harp players alive today.

This former Ray Charles sideman has been recording and performing since the '50's. Chick got his start with his first cousin Chuck Willis of "C.C. RIDER" and "THE STROLL" fame. Chick is best known for his bawdy hits such as "STOOP DOWN, BABY" and "I WANT A BIG FAT WOMAN" was nominated for a W.C. Handy award. He is a consumate showman, and for many years Ichiban Record's #1 selling artist. Don't miss this R&B legend!

This 70 year old North Carolina guitarist and singer is a true original. His approach is without a doubt unique--he plays guitar on his lap using only his thumbs--and his music is truly some of the most authentic blues going down today. He has been featured in major publications such as THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER and THE CHARLOTTE OBSEVER. Look for "Thomas Gable and The King Bees" and a feature in THE MUSIC MAKER JOURNAL.

His moniker belies the fact that he was born and raised in Louisiana and cut his teeth with Slim Harpo. In the early 60's he moved to Chi-town and played with virtually every great from Muddy to Buddy, from Wolf to Sonny Boy. In fact, it was Waters who saw him playing harp all over Chicago, and so tagged him with the nick-name. In the 70's Chicago Bob was an integral part of John Lee Hooker's band, before moving on to form The Heart Fixers with a young Tinsley Ellis. His release with THE KING BEES, "COMING BACK STRONG", paved the way for two hard hitting King Snake Records releases. Chicago Bob's deeply soulful singing and harp playing are a wonderful amalgam of raucous Louisiana swamp blues and tough-edged Windy City blues. You can hear his illustrious mentors in every dynamic performance.

One of the last remaining, true Piedmont-style bluesmen, Pattman has brought his down home singing and harp playing from his home in Athens, Georgia to Australia and Europe. Born in 1926, Neal took up harp at age 9 after losing his right arm in a tragic farming accident, but never gave up or felt sorry for himself. He played for juke joints, fish fries, cake walks and in church. In 1990 he teamed-up with THE KING BEES and his career begn to take off. Two critically acclaimed albums put Neal in demand at festivals, and led to a feature article in LIVING BLUES. And his latest release, LIVE IN LONDON, has been cited by LIVING BLUES as a strong runner for Traditional Album of the year. Neal truly embodies the spirit of the deepest most heart-felt blues, and is an American music treasure, s performances at the Smithsonian and Lincoln Center will attest.

Numerous European tours, two internationally acclaimed releases, appearances at the prestigious Lincoln Center and countless festivals here and abroad, a driving sound, and an electrifyingly entertaining show have made The King Bees one of the South's most respected and sought after bands since 1987. They are fueled by the immensely versatile bassist-singer-song writer Queen Bee Zamagni, and the burning riffing of guitarist Hound Dog Baskerville. Great on their own or backing up the legends!

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