The King Bees' Discography


STINGIN' & SWINGIN' - Tramp Records, Amsterdam;
POLLENATIN' - Tramp Records, Amsterdam; TRCD 9927
BOOGIE BUZZ - Tramp Records, Amsterdam; TRCD 9922
"BLOOZE AND BOOGIE DANCE PARTY" (anthology) - Wax Museum; WM 9301
"THOMAS GABLE AND THE KING BEES" - Music Maker Foundation; MMF 9701
"HONEY IN THE HIVE" The King Bees w/special guest, Chicago Bob Nelson - Classic Records; CR 9125
"COMING BACK STRONG" Chicago Bob Nelson and The King Bees - Erwin Music; EM 9203
"LIGHTNIN' TWIST" Neal Pattman and The King Bees - High John Records; 9301
"THE BLUES AIN'T LEFT YET" Neal Pattman anthology - Global Village; C226


"WON'T RUN AROUND NO MORE" - Wax Museum; WAX 4616
"HE'S TOUGH" w/special guest Jerry McCain - Gutter Records; GR 92026


"LIVE AT BANK AND BLUES" - WCEU, Daytona Beach, Florida produced this live performance and interview with The King Bees to introduce the PBS special, A CELEBRATION OF THE BLUES. 1997

"JERRY McCAIN'S TRUE BLUES" - Alabama Public Television documentary on this famous bluesman. The King Bees served as performers and narrators. 1995

"THIS IS JAZZ CHARLOTTE" - WCNC Charlotte. Reporters travel to Boone, NC to interview and film a performance of The King Bees in anticipation of their Jazz Charlotte appearance. 1992

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